Growth Track

Whether you are coming from another church or just beginning a spiritual journey for the very first time, Growth Track will help you: learn more about our church, equip you to live a successful Christian life, and highlight how you can live a life of fulfillment. Think of it as strengthening your foundation of faith, becoming aware of your God given mission & purpose, and helping you find your place in our church.You can complete it in 3 easy steps.


Growth Track 101 is the doorway to more information & involvement. The goal is to help you BELONG. You can complete Growth Track 101 onthe FIRST Sunday of every month. It starts at 1 PM. Childcare is provided. Click here to register now.

Once you complete Growth Track 101, it continues with 201.


Growth Track 201 guides you through the essential habits & practices every Christian needs to live the elevated life. The goal is to help you GROW. It meets the SECOND Sunday of the month at 1 PM. Childcare is provided.

Finally, Growth Track concludes with 301.


Mark Twain said the 2 greatest days in a person’s life are the day they’re born and the day they discover why.Growth Track 301 makes you aware of your purpose in life by revealing your unique design. The goal is to give you an opportunity to SERVE. When you know your purpose and find your place, you can follow that path to complete fulfillment.

Growth Track 301 takes place the THIRD Sunday of every month at 1 PM. Child care is provided.

Growth Track 401 is the HighPoint school of leadership. The goal is to raise you to LEAD. This will be an intensive investment into your development as a spiritual leader for the purpose of greater ministry. It will provide you with a strong theological foundation through Biblical studies as well as practical training in culture shaping, team building, ethics, conflict management, effective leadership, and pastoral work. For more information and to register for the upcoming trimester, click here.

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