Next Steps

What does living an Elevated Life look like? Below are 4 checkpoints. They are designed to unlock God’s best in your life while bringing about extraordinary improvement in yourself & others.

1. Get Baptized– baptisms are done the last Sunday of every month or on request. Baptism is how you become ONE with Jesus Christ and announce your fresh start. Begin your new life as a new person today! Sign up here

2. Complete Growth Track– Whether you are coming from another church or just beginning a spiritual journey of faith for the very first time, Growth Track will help you: learn more about our church, equip you to live a successful Christian life, and show you how to enjoy a life of true fulfillment. You can complete it in 3 easy steps.

Growth Track 101 is the FIRST Sunday of every month. Sign up here

Growth Track 201 is the SECOND Sunday of every month.

Growth Track 301 is the THIRD Sunday of every month.

3. Join the Dream Team Embrace true fulfillment & happiness by joining our volunteer staff called the Dream Team. Be generous with your time, talents, & financial resources because the path to greatness is through serving others, making a difference with people who are making a difference.

4. Get involved in a Connect Group– the small group setting where we meet to grow in our relationship with God & in our relationship with each other.

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