Our Story

HighPoint Church is a life giving, multicultural, non denominational church committed to elevating your life.

We belong to ARC(Association of Related Churches) which is a church planting network(www.weplantlife.com.) Find us on the ARC website.

We are also blessed to be in some great ministry friendships/networks. We believe in kingdom collaboration so we’re all about building the local church as a team:

Our Mission is:

Go after people apart from God, lead them to Jesus, and Elevate their Lives. We will do anything short of sin to accomplish this.

Our Culture Code:

Excellence- we do the best we can with the best we have because excellence honors God & inspires people

Worship- we passionately pursue the presence of God

Honor- we honor up, down, & all around

Generosity- we are builders not benefiters, contributors not consumers

Commitment- we give up things we love for things we love even more

Accountability- we prevent mistakes from turning into a disaster

Serving- we find a need then meet it while always going the extra mile to help someone

Encouragement- we offer solutions instead of just pointing out problems

Teamwork- together we can do more