Kingdom Builders

HighPoint belongs to ARC(Association of Related Churches) which is a church planting network( Find us on the ARC website.

In addition, we have a worldwide network of non profit organizations, churches, and ministries which help us complete our mission of elevating lives. Through our kingdom building network, we credential ministers, fund social justice & charities, start new churches, support mission works, and spread hope while proclaiming Jesus.

Charities & Social Justice

Charity Water-
Compassion International-
Convoy of Hope-
Auburn, WA Foodbank-
New Beginnings Children’s and Family Services-
The A21 Campaign-
Kent, WA Foodbank-
Philippine Orphanage-
Gethsemane Rehab & Recovery Ministries-
The Genesis Project-
Kent Hope-


The Dream Center(Los Angeles)-
India- Lighthouse Ministries-
Christian Evangelistic Association-

Leadership Development

Champions Centre College-