Kingdom Builders

HighPoint belongs to ARC(Association of Related Churches) which is a church planting network( Find us on the ARC website.

In addition, wehave aworldwide network of non profit organizations, churches, and ministries which help us complete our mission of elevating lives. Through our kingdom building network, we credential ministers, fund social justice & charities, start new churches, support mission works, and spread hope while proclaiming Jesus.

Charities & Social Justice

Charity Water-
Compassion International-
Convoy of Hope-
Auburn, WA Foodbank-
New Beginnings Children’s and Family Services-
The A21 Campaign-
Kent, WA Foodbank-
Philippine Orphanage-
Gethsemane Rehab & Recovery Ministries-
The Genesis Project-
Kent Hope-


The Dream Center(Los Angeles)-
India- Lighthouse Ministries-
Christian Evangelistic Association-

Leadership Development

Champions Centre College-

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