Elevate Kidz

Elevate Kidz is the fun and dynamic children’s ministry of HighPoint Church.

We offer vibrant, interactive Christian education designed specifically for children in a loving, safe environment.

Elevate Kidz includes:

6 weeks – 2 Years: We offer a safe and secure nursery room for our infants, crawlers, walkers, and 2 year olds.

3 – 6 Years: Preschoolers are so full of life and we love interacting with them. We teach them that God made them, God loves them, and God has a good plan for their lives. Our safe classroom experience offers hands on learning that establishes an understanding of the Bible and all it’s fascinating characters.

7 – 10 Years: Kids love to have fun. So we have created an age relevantexperience that makes learning about God and living for God engaging. Not only do kids enjoy themselves, but they remember the God principles taught each week and are eager to return for more of God in their life.

If you’re looking for resources to use at home to enrich & develop your kids, the 2 listed below are fantastic!



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